Thursday, October 13, 2011

Custom Holiday Napkins

Craft Time!
Looking around online for some autumn craft ideas I came across this one for the dinner table. How fun! I'm thinking of making some with a little leaf in the corner for the season :) For all the instructions and a video on how to make just visit Martha Stewart's website.

Tools and Materials2 yards fabric (makes approximately 6 napkins)
Wishbone stencil template
Rotary cutter
Shiny satin or woven fabric
Needle and thread
Sewing machine
Bias-tape maker
Niagara sizing spray
Gold acrylic paint
Grid ruler

Holiday Napkin How-To1. Using a rotary cutter, cut a 21-by-21-inch square of desired fabric. Cut across fabric at a 45-degree angle (a bias cut), being sure to cut in the direction of the weave of the fabric.

2. To make the napkin trim, use a grid ruler to cut 2-inch strips of your selected shiny satin, enough for 84 inches. With the right sides facing each other; take the edges, place together to form a V shape and pin. Sew a 1/4-inch seam along the pinned edge. Keep connecting strips together until you have one long strip measuring 84 inches.

3. Place the long strip into a bias-tape maker and pull through. Using Niagara sizing spray, press strip with iron to set a hard fold. Fold trim in half, spray with sizing spray, and press with iron to create a nice, stiff fold, which is ready to be sewed onto napkin.

4. Place trim around napkin and pin, making sure trim ends meet at center of napkin and leaving about four inches of trim at center of napkin. Make mitered corners and place into sewing machine. Sewing as close to the inside edge of the binding as you can, sew all the way around the napkin.

5. Using a pencil mark where trims overlap, place right sides together and sew seam across. Cut off excess. Flip napkin back over and finish sewing.

6. Download and print wishbone stencil template. Place stencil at right bottom corner of napkin. Using gold acrylic paint, stencil wishbone onto napkin. Allow napkin to dry for about 10 minutes and repeat one more time. Peel stencil off napkin.
Many Blessings! And Enjoy!