Wednesday, June 19, 2013

20 Years.

My goal is to have citrus and nut trees here in Texas. While researching this I'm learning that trees are a lot of work! Did you know that if you have a messy crab apple tree in your yard, you can cut it down leaving a tall stump, and graft onto the stump a fruit bearing peach tree for instance? Just like the wild olive tree in Romans 11!

... Twenty years ago I shyly walked down the church aisle with my brother and soon-to-be sister, tossing flower petals out of a small white basket, before mom followed behind us in her wedding dress. I thought she was the most beautiul thing I had ever seen. The four-year-old me didn't understand the significance of that day. I just knew that I loved my little white hat and shoes, I had a job to do with the flowers, and that I would officially have another dad and a sister! We were going to be a whole family! All in all a very big day for a four-year-old.

Married people know a healthy marriage is work. Parents know healthy kids are work. Healthy families are, you guessed it, work. And anyone from a blended family will tell you to take that work and quadruple it. We've got ex spouses, single parent habits, custody/visitation stuff... Throw in the adolescent years and you've got an easy recipe for disaster if you don't have your head on straight.

Another thing I know is... God. Where there is failure: God. Where there is brokenness: God. Where there is a hole to be filled: God. There were two families and five hearts that needed to be sewn together 20 years ago and God was the thread. The love in this family has always been the easy part. I attribute that to God being the foundation and my parents really creating a grace filled home.

Does the word picture of the crab apple tree make sense yet?

Blended families are definitely work. But when there are good strong roots and it is grafted together with the right stuff it can be healthy and fruit bearing just like any other. I'd say my parents are beating the statistics and doing something right after TWENTY years of marriage!!!

Congratulations to you both on this significant milestone! Thank you for marrying each other and growing our family. Thank you for raising us with an understanding of second chances and grace. May God's hand continue to be upon your lives, hearts, and marriage until He takes you home. I adore you both.

Happy 20th Anniversary! Here's to 20 more!

Mr. & Mrs. Bailey at their wedding reception

PS There are definitely some nuts in this family tree! Haha!